Hitit University Central Library which was established with the aim of supporting education and research activities serves its users in different faculties and districts with its 10 units library.

The North Campus Social Life and Culture Center building is located on the 3rd floor and it is accessible by 11A-11C North Campus buses and the ring service provided by our University.

Library working hours are 08.30-17.30 on weekdays and there is no service on weekends. Our study halls where you can receive service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week are open to service with the Vocational School of Social Sciences OSYM Building.

Members of Hitit University (students / staff) can actively benefit from the resources and services of our library with the membershipcontract they sign at our Central Library.

Researchers who are not members of Hitit University can use Central Library resources within the boundaries of the library and benefit from library services with the petition of permission from the Rectorate.

The place number is the number that allows the source to be easily cataloged according to its subject by cataloging. (eg PL 248 / .A55..vs) You can find the books on the same subject with the book number on the shelves.

After the members of Hitit University are members of the library, it is sufficient to show Hitit University ID cards in borrowing materials.

Hitit University Central Library resources;

Bachelor / Undergraduate Student - 3 books - 15 days

     Master / PhD student - 5 books - 30 days

     Administrative Staff - 5 books - 30 days

Academic Staff - 7 books - can be used for 30 days

If the users of Central Library and Unit Libraries delay the return of the borrowed resources, they are processed into the accounts of 0,50 centsper day they delay.

By logging in with your library account on my Pocket Library or on the web, you can extend the resource return times without coming to the library. The right to extend over the web is 1 time . You can use the guide to extend the return period of the loan you borrowed.


You can make a reservation without coming to the library by logging in with your library account on my Pocket Library or on the web. The number of reservations on the web is 3 times for all our users. You can use the manual for reserve transactions.


For all inquiries regarding the Central Library loan-return transactions, you can contact the loan unit at the extension number (0364-2192775).

Login to the library website. A password is sent to your e-mail account in your Library membership account by typing your TR ID number in the Member Code field with the " I Forgot / Did Not Set My Password " button from the Login field of the YORDAM system

No. The book is not loaned on behalf of someone else. Borrowing transactions are made through library membership.

Yes. You can return the book on behalf of someone else.

According to the nature and weight of the event, the relevant articles of the “Higher Education Student Disciplinary Regulations” are applied to the students who take out books or any material outside the library, attempt to do so, or damage the materials or books in the library. Investigation and punishment related to this is done within the framework of the provisions of the said Regulation. In the event that it is documented that it is not possible to supply the worn or lost material, the value of the material “is determined by the Value Appreciation Commission. In addition, the accrued delay penalty, if any, is taken. Worn or lost library material is first available from the market. 2 months for foreign material supply and 15 days for domestic material supply.

Periodicals and reference sources cannot be borrowed because they are in the reference sources class.

You can see the list of journals in the Library web page, under the Services tab, "Periodicals". The current issues of printed journals are on the Periodicals Hall, and the volumes of old years are on the shelves in the same hall.

Multimedia collection is available and 1049 audiovisual materials are offered to users. Multimedia resources (DVD / Film) are borrowed for 2 days.

Online Databases - Plagiarism Databases - Open Access and Trial Access databases that are provided to the users of the library are listed as subtitles under the Database tabs by entering the library web page.

Yes. You can access the databases provided by the Central Library online 7 days and 24 hours with remote access (proxy) settings.    

 I http://www.kutuphane.hitit.edu.tr/veritabanlarina-uzaktan-eris

There is no need to create an account for library databases. Accounts should only be created for borrowing operations / add to folder service in EBSCO databases.


The database is due to being outside the subscription package. If the source has $ sign, if there is no PDF, this source is not included in our subscription, download will not be possible. For detailed information; You can contact Leyla SAĞLAM 0364-2192776.

It is possible to download the articles in the subscriber databases to personal computers. As for book downloads (EBSCO databases), it offers users the opportunity to download piece by piece in 100 pages 

You can select databases for your domain and access databases guides from the databases tabslocated under the main heading databases.

Leyla SAĞLAM 0364-2192776 or

leylasaglam@hitit.edu.t is   You can contact.

Yes. Trainings for databases are provided by database representatives or librarians. For trainings; Just follow the Central Library Home page and our social mediaaccounts.

Books, articles, papers, theses, technical reports, photos, videos etc. produced by members of Hitit University. It is a system that archives academic documents and all academic studies directly or indirectly supported by our university.



For all your questions about the Institutional Academic Archive;

            Zeynep Umut ARSLAN 0364-2192774 or umutarslan@hitit.edu.t is

            Fatma ÖZDEMİR 0364-2192778 or fatmaozdemir@hitit.edu.t is 

YORDAM Automation System


Corporate Academic Archive


            YÖK Thesis Center


Printed sources not included in library collections are requested through KITS and other university libraries. Only our academic staff can benefit from this service provided that they pay the cargo.

For detailed information and requests;

           Zeynep Umut ARSLAN 0364-2192774 or umutarslan@hitit.edu.tr is You can contact. 

Higher Education Thesis Center in access to off thesis and articles for Turkey Document Delivery System (TÜBESS) are satisfied with the service demands of our users. Our graduate students and academic staff can benefit from this service.

For detailed information and requests;

  You can contact Zeynep Umut ARSLAN 0364-2192774 or umutarslan@hitit.edu.tr. 

Theses can be sent to the Library and Documentation Department through the Institutions they are affiliated with. There is no thesis purchase from students.

YORDAM Automation System is to check whether the source is in the collection or not. If our resource Center and Faculty libraries are not included in the collection


You can request resources at.

No. Your resource requests may vary such as printed books, electronic resources, multimedia resources (DVD / VCD movies, documentaries, educational programs, etc.) that are not included in our collection.

Library donations are made within the framework of the donation policy of Hitit University Library and Documentation Department.

Output and photocopy services are not provided in the Central Library service building.

In the Central Library, there are 7 catalog scanning in book and reading halls, and 25 computers with internet access in the Multimedia Hall. Hitit University members can use these computers by logging in with their username and password.

You can apply to the Hitit University Central Library Branch Directorate for lost items.

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