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16 Aralık 20

The following topics are included in the Access Engineering Database: Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Communication Engineering, Electrical Electronics Engineering, Energy / Petroleum Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Material Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Software Engineering, Operational Management, Schaum Series Platform content is enriched monthly and updated continuously. Textbooks accepted as the authority in their field (650+ books) o Ready-made curriculum plans that academics can use to prepare their own courses o Videos (930+) o More than 50,000 downloadable tables o Latest news about the engineering subject area o the workflow process calculators (ready-made templates) created directly to speed up 6, 850+ interactive graphics access engineering has developed a web-based service that will help engineering students understand and learn the material contents much better. DataVis allows students to quickly and effectively analyze the materials they work on with dot graphs and scatter charts of 200 materials and 65 content.


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